Our organic honey

The Pungiglione Onlus focuses on quality for this we package only Italian honey. For the production of BIO & SOLIDAL honey we select only honey from Italian apiaries in compliance with organic farming methods.

Our honeys are not subjected to pasteurization, this to preserve above all the organoleptic characteristics and not to alter the freshness index of honey given by hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) which it must normally be less than or equal to 40mg / kg for unmixed quality honeys. Consider that for honeys of tropical origin or mixtures, this index can exceed the aforementioned limit and it is sufficient that it is less than 80 mg / kg. Each time a pasteurization is performed, the HMF index rises and the honey is therefore less fresh.

If pasteurization is not carried out, the honey crystallizes spontaneously after some time depending also on the fructose / glucose composition.

Our 100% Italian certified organic honey is therefore not a mixture of honeys and is never heated above 40 degrees even in the packaging phase that requires the product to fluidize when it is crystallized and must be placed in glass jars.

The honey Il Pungiglione is good twice because with the purchase of this honey the social project is supported for the recovery of disadvantaged people welcomed by the families of the Pope John XXIII Community of which our cooperative is part .

Our social project

In the Social Cooperative Il Pungiglione, employment in the beekeeping supply chain becomes an educational path that helps people coming from experiences of marginalization to finding a place in society and positive stability in everyday life.

The production of honey, by choice of high quality, becomes a concrete measure of responsibility and commitment for a society that involves the least and the excluded.

The working activity is integrated into the residential welcome to offer people in need a family and a path of true social integration

The Project “ RINASCERE” was born in the year 1999 in the Municipality of Mulazzo (MS), where three Family Houses are located, ONLUS structures of the Community founded by Don Oreste Benzi (Pope John XXIII Ass.), And laboratories of the Social Cooperative “ Il Pungiglione “.

Objective of the Project is to become a node of a wider network of services on a national scale that allows the creation of new possibilities and resources for people who live the detention experience and who must serve a sentence, in addition to the institutional mandate of the bodies appointed by the State .

The possibility of creating a real highly specialized pole in the complex activity of Beekeeping (care of families and production of honey and very high quality derivatives, production of wooden accessories for the sector) will integrate people who for different reasons are already attending “the Sting “, giving the opportunity to create a relationship between those who are considered disadvantaged and those approaching only for professional reasons.