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Loc. Boceda, Mulazzo MS 54026

About us

Il Pungiglione is … Il Villaggio dell’Accoglienza

Among the green hills of Lunigiana rises the Villaggio dell’Accoglienza, a reality that has its roots in the Pope John XXIII Community founded by Don Oreste Benzi. Il Pungiglione is a non-profit social cooperative, a highly specialized center for beekeeping activities through its integrated sectors:


  • biologically managed beekeeping of over 800 hives,
  • honey making: production and sale of honey and hive products certified organic
  • cereria: processing and production of organic and conventional wax sheets
  • woodworking shop specializing in the production of beehives and bee material,
  • specialized sales point for beekeepers

but above all it is a village that welcomes disadvantaged people: an opportunity to build a more just society.

Respecting the environment : the productive activities exploit alternative energy thanks to the 100 kw photovoltaic system.

Our production of acacia and chestnut honey in 2004 obtained the DOP recognition from the European Union . We were the first in Italy to obtain this recognition.